Local Business Services

Development Services

The primary responsibilities of the Development Services Department include serving as the coordination center for all development of property within the City of Brenham, developing and maintaining a Comprehensive Master Plan and Land Development Code, reviewing applications and development plans to ensure code compliance and compatibility with zoning and land use designations, and providing information to assist citizens on projects pertaining to their property, neighborhood, and throughout the city.


The City of Brenham's long range planning is designed as a framework for guiding future development, redevelopment, and community enhancement in the City and its surrounding area over the next 20 years and beyond. The purpose of Brenham's Comprehensive Plan is to establish a vision, along with realistic goals and achievable strategies that residents, business and land owners, major institutions, civic groups, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and public officials prefer - and will support with action - in the years ahead.

Building Permits & Inspections

Building inspection consists of construction and demolition of residential and commercial properties inside the city limits. All prospective building plans will be reviewed and approved prior to issuing a building permit. After construction has begun, building inspectors perform a number of inspections to ensure that the building meets local and state codes. A few of the inspections the department conducts are: foundation and frame inspections of the structure; a water and yard line inspection of the plumbing; a gas inspection of the piping inside a structure; and mechanical and electrical inspections are performed before a structure can be issued a certificate of occupancy.

Main Street

The foundation and success of Main Street is based on a cooperative effort between the sponsors and the local government, business owners and lending institutions within the communities that have joined the program. Since rejoining Main Street in 1999, the City of Brenham has experienced a dynamic improvement in its historic downtown district thanks in part to more than $2.25 million spent to date in reinvestment activities.


The mission of the City of Brenham Geographic Information System (GIS) is to support the activities of the City of Brenham and its citizens by providing and maintaining accurate, current and complete geospatial data. This support will be provided through leveraging the knowledge contained in this information by using a set of procedures and techniques collectively referred to as GIS. Using the GIS, we will enable the managers and citizens to make decisions impacting the future of the City of Brenham in an informed and logical manner.